Meet The Coaches. 

Our coaches work together on corporate engagements. They also keep 1:1 practices in various locations. Please visit their websites for more information or to book 1:1 work. Please note that waitlists are not uncommon. 

Raechel Pefanis

Owner of Red Maple

ICF Certified Professional Coach 

Registered Social Worker


Serial Entrepreneur 

Zumba Instructor

Foodie, Dreamer, Mom...

and Diss Track Enthusiast

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With 20 years of experience in client work, teaching, leadership and dream teaming, Raechel leads the Red Maple team in helping our clients access wisdom and deep, sustainable cultural health.  Naiievely believing that community is the solution to everything, Raechel helps workplaces unlock the rewards of a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. 



ICF Certified Professional Coach 

Registered Social Worker


Obsessive Reader

Empathic Listener

Tell-it-like-it-is Truth Teller

Creative Badass 

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Melissa's curious nature helps you look at your life from a different perspective.  With questions like "how smart do you make others around you? how much do others trust you? and how candid are you with your feedback? Melissa will help you slow down, reflect and make intentional decisions around how you engage with your work. 



Professional Coach 

Hedge Fund Administrator (in a previous life)

Fitness Instructor

LEGIT Improv Artist 

Complete, Unapologetic Coffee Snob

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Creative, resourceful and empathetic – key words that describe Kara Steyaert both personally and professionally. Combining her love for fitness, wellness and spirituality, Kara acts as teacher, trainer, leader, partner and guide for her clients, as they expand to their full potential and achieve peak performance. 



Experienced Leader

Internal Coach

Leadership Development

Lifelong learner

Dynamic faciliator

Fitness Fanatic

Mom, Volunteer, Musician

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Kathy has supported leaders in her organization to experience personal growth and she’s ready to work with you.  Her thoughtful and caring approach will both encourage and challenge you to become the best person and leader you can be.  She understands the competing priorities both at home and work and will ask meaningful questions to support your personal growth in all areas.

Red Maple Professional Coaching Services 

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario


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