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The 6 Drivers of Thriving

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Focused Results.
Marketplace Agility.
Retention of Talent.

What will it take
for your organization to thrive?

Leaders everywhere are talking about talent development, workplace wellness and achieving results ahead of the competition. However, an improvement in one area often inadvertently diminishes another. The results are coming in, but staff are burnt out. Employees are connected and inspired, but the outcomes are scattered.

The workplace needs a model where success is achieved by integrating employee wellness with business improvement.

This is a Renaissance conversation.

Red Maple has co-founded Your Renaissance Partners:

a group of professional consultants

that help people and businesses thrive. 


The 6 Drivers of Organizational Thriving


3 Productivity Drivers:

Business Agility

Outcome Focus

Talent Management

3 Purpose Drivers:

Emotional Vitality

Leadership Presence

Workplace Culture

Common Reality:

Production leads and purpose recedes.

Desired State:

Purpose leads and empowers production.

When the 6 drivers of purpose and productivity are in balance

the organization flourishes. Your Renaissance Partners offers a diagnostic tool as well as expert insight that allows you to get a pulse on your organizational health

and take immediate action towards thriving.