We think some of the biggest contributions we can make are to developing people whose best years are still ahed of them: youth leaders, between the ages of 16-25. 


Beginning October, 2018, Red Maple gives back by dedicating 3% of its profits to funding mentor coaching with high potential youth. Generally, these are youth who may not receive an opportunity like this any other way. Having overcome adversity and emerged stronger, we hope to support the vision and leadership of these extraordinary youth.   Paying-clients can know that for every dollar paid to Red Maple, these special funds will be used to give our coaching expertise to these incredible up and comers as efficiently as we can.  

We thought long and hard about how to put good vibes back into the community that provides us with our livelihood...and once the idea came to us, we knew it was right almost instantly. 

Do you know a high potential youth who needs someone in their corner? Do you know a 16-25 year old whose remarkable gifts we could help develop? If so, please fill out the following and email it to us. We'll review it and get back to you. 

Thanks! Message sent.