Group Coaching Series

Beginning October 2018

Take a little time in the slow lane this fall to reflect with some likeminded others. Red Maple Professional Coaching presents a new small-group coaching series for busy professionals.

Dream Teams: (re)Building Teams that No One Wants to Leave





Building a great team isn't about skills, accolades or even experience.  Great teams are the results of something far more subtle: the psychology of groups.  Join us for a "real life MBA" in how to create the powerful energy of A-teams. 

Week 1: Oct. 30

The Non-resume: Hiring Well

Week 2: Nov. 6

Embedding Trust on Teams

Week 3: Nov. 13

Creating Conflict on Purpose

Week 4: Nov. 20

The No Asshole Rule 

Find Your WHY™

Based on the work of Simon Sinek






Why are you doing what you're doing? In this get-in-touch-with-your-roots series, we'll offer content and conversation that helps you etch out a clear and compelling WHY to your work, and the intelligent decision making that tends to follow. 

Week 1: Oct. 30

What is your personal WHY? 

Week 2: Nov. 6

Peak Experiences: How to get to WHY 

Week 3: Nov. 13

Actionable: A laser focused WHY 

Week 4: Nov. 20 

Threats to the WHY

Radical Candor™

Based on the work of Kim Scott





"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" is a rule we set out to break in this series!  Learn how to give (and take) feedback without becoming an obnoxious jerk. We'll teach you how to become more coach-like and give you a chance to practice in a low-risk environment. 

Week 1: Nov. 2

Radically Candid Conversations: What are they? 

Week 2: Nov. 9

Sustainability: Managing Rockstars and Superstars

Week 3: Nov. 16

Praise and Criticism

Week 4: Nov. 23 

The Second Score: How to recieve feedback


Daring Women™

Based on the work of Brené Brown



Oct. 27, 2018 

9-4 pm  


Real queens fix each others crowns.  For the ladies only, this group is for women (working or not) who want a tribe with whom to  grow smarter, bolder and more fierce.


We'll dare each other to....

  • Let go of what other people think and be YOU

  • Navigate through  uncertainty by learning to trust yourself 

  • Play Now/ Work Later and develop a joyful practice of gratitude

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