Psychotherapy Services

A Supportive Hug

Look back.
Explore within.
Move forward.

Why Psychotherapy?

In a society that regularly keeps us busy, distracted, judged, tired, and numbed, it’s easy to lose ourselves and fall into a pattern of simply going through the motions of the everyday. We can become
disconnected from our core values, needs, thought processes, emotions, and even our bodies; a true disconnection from self. Old wounds, past and present hurts, neglected needs, and unspoken shame fight to get the attention, care, and healing they need.


At Red Maple, we are honoured to partner with professionals who are ready to pull back the curtain on what isn’t working anymore and connect with their strength, resilience, and deep wisdom to unlock a greater capacity to explore, take risks, and move forward.

Please be advised that we are approaching full capacity in our Psychotherapy services.

Many of the practitioners on our team are only available to offer you a place on their waiting lists at this time.

Note that we will do our best to find you support in a timely manner, but would like you to know in advance that you may not be booked immediately. 

Therapy for Professionals

Receiving the Keys

“This is the real secret to life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

-Alan Watts

The Red Maple Approach

At Red Maple, we only offer non-pathologizing therapy. What does this mean? It means we do not view the problems as the whole person. It means we respect and admire that you have done the best you can to deal with difficult life experiences and understand that these coping skills may not be serving you well any longer. We will not label you. And rather than focusing on getting rid of a symptom, together we will explore its depths to find healing. We believe that you have the capacity to heal and change, and that you have the inner resources to do so.


Good therapy is experiential. Expect to try new skills, think in new ways, or interact with emotions differently. A little courage to explore something new is powerful, yet can feel uncomfortable at first.
We will support you in stepping outside of your comfort zone - that too-small box you may have gotten stuck in – and we will celebrate with you on the other side.


We offer therapy services to adults, couples, relationships, co-parents, and families at our office location in uptown Waterloo, Ontario or virtually / online. We do not offer crisis-based services, but can help you in your search to find a trusted therapist who does.

RSW / RP Benefit Coverage

Our team consists of Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists, allowing your services to be covered under 3rd party insurance plans. Since benefit plans vary,  you need to look for: ​
Registered Social Worker / "RSW" AND / OR Registered Psychotherapist / "RP."
Check before you book! Our policy is to bill the client directly, who then submits to their insurer.  Our fees for 60 minute sessions range from

$135 to $175.

Ontario College of Social Workers
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