Red Maple Counselling Services

When, exactly, does a professional's concerns move from "work stress" to "mental health?" Is your work problem causing personal problems...or is it the other way around? 


As we see it, you are a singular person that must bring your best game to both your worlds. If mental health, couple or family conflicts are part of your current reality, we'll provide psychotherapy services to help. We specialize in 4 modalities, starting with CBT, and adjusting as we get to know you. If we can't help, we will use our network of trusted professionals that can do just that. 

RSW / RP Benefit Coverage

Some of our team are Registered Social Workers or Registered Psychotherapists, allowing your services to be covered under 3rd party insurance plans. Since benefit plans vary,  you need to look for: ​


Registered Social Worker / "RSW" 


Registered Psychotherapist / "RP"


Check before you book! Our policy is to bill the client directly, who then submits to their insurer.  

Ontario College of Social Workers
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FAQs on Counselling Services

Do you have a waitlist? 

Yes, most of the time. It tends to sit between 4-6 weeks to book your first appointment. We serve referrals from our current client base first, before opening our waitlist up.  If you are put on a waitlist, we will communicate with you monthly to let you know your status.

Are you covered by my insurance provider? 

Everybody's insurance stipulations are different, so you will need to do some work to figure this out. We will provide the information you need on your invoice. This benefit usually applies for both coaching and psychotherapy, but please check for the "RSW" benefit with your third party insurer before booking to know for sure. If you cannot access 3rd party benefits, please remember to keep your receipts, which can be claimed as a medical expense at the end of the fiscal year. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy? 

There are big differences. In therapy, we attempt to heal mental injuries and illnesses that are holding you back. In coaching, we work to obtain your most peak performance and potential. It's the difference between psychologically "well" and psychologically "thriving." Though the two can blur for some, both trades have their own assessments, tools, mindsets and scope that are used by those of us trained to know the differences between them. 

Can we meet remotely? ​

In the age of COVID, remote work is our only option. We will return to live sessions when it is safe to do so. You can keep seeing us remotely if you wish....but we will always prefer live work if it is possible. 

How long will we need to meet for?

Many people go to therapy or coaching for two or three sessions and then leave, concluding that it "didn't work" What they really mean is that "it didn't work fast enough." We love what author Lori Gottlieb writes regarding this problem: "People want a speedy solution to their problems, but what if their moods had been driven down in the first place by the hurried pace of their lives?" To make things work, you will need to invest your time and effort. We will start by booking four sessions, and then evaluate our path along the way.