Coaching Products and Services

Keynotes & Talks

Red Maple provides large group, high energy talks that can be brought into small engagements (a lunch and learn format) or larger ones. These talks are aimed at addressing current workplace trends, and pumping up a team’s culture. Through fresh, TED style lectures, with reflective exercises to integrate learning, these talks bring new concepts, skills and energy to any group.

Group Talks

Small Group Coaching (10 or less) 

For professionals that are ready for a substantive coaching immersion, Red Maple offers our Small Group Coaching Series. These series’ consist of multiple modules around a common theme that include content, facilitated discussion, and an opportunity to practice new skills. Take a breath, slow down, and do some old  reflection with us on key topics. Offerings are updated seasonally

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1:1 Professional Coaching Services

Up your game! Professional coaching is about attaining the highest performance you are capable of. Getting there might require us to address a current theme in your life (leadership, anyone?), or perhaps it requires a set of conversations to flesh out your most signature strengths. But most of us learn our deepest insights about ourselves under the watchful eye of someone who is in our corner, that can see things we currently don't. Let's meet, etch out our path together, and get to work. 

*** Note: 1:1 Coaching Services may be covered by your employee benefits. 

Consult your benefit plan for services delivered by Registered Social Worker to find out! 

Pop-up Coaching Events 

From time to time, with a variety of hospitality partners, Red Maple offers unique, one time coaching events, such as dinner out with a coaching talk, or one of our retreats. These are low commitment, high intensity options that offer a place to do the work of personal growth with like-minded others. We list them as we feel inspired! Stay tuned to our website for updated listings. 

Pop ups
Healthy teams

Intensive Culture Building & Development


Workplaces of the future have a new currency, and that is the personal development of its workers. Coaching is the new management...and that requires lots of thought about how to launch, grow, or fine tune a workplace’s unique coaching culture. This option is best for workplaces that require consultation services to embed a coaching culture into the workplace for long-term health. Get in touch to start a conversation!