Coaching for Resilience

Coaching for Resilience and self care

Your team was brave. But it didn’t go as planned because...well, sometimes, we just plain get our butts kicked. Coaching can help you get back up.  

As humans beings, we are storytellers.  It is how we make meaning.  In the absence of information, or times of uncertainty, our brains will happily fill in missing information.  These stories have a crucial impact on our happiness and our future successes.


Studies have shown if we are able to frame a failure as an opportunity for growth we are more likely to experience growth (Seligman, 1991). When we are given adequate time and support to hash out difficult events at work, we learn from them, and become closer to our colleagues through deeper connection. When we don't, our people, and our culture, will instead create stories that sound a lot more like anger, rigidity and trauma. 


 Developing great habits of resiliency are essential to helping teams prevent burnout, reframe stress and get back up again. We'd love to help you do just that.