Can Psychotherapy Benefit Me?

Therapy session

Individual support services for professionals.

Individual Therapy

We don’t like labels and we don’t like putting people in a box, and so, summing up the struggles you may be facing into a cohesive list is a challenge and doesn’t consider your unique needs.  That being said, we do know the areas of practice in which we do our best work with professionals. 


These are some of the common issues we partner with clients to address:

  • Emotional numbing, addiction, and self-distraction

  • Depletion / feeling stuck in a deficit loop of never being or having enough

  • Struggling to build authenticity versus building image

  • People pleasing and unclear boundaries

  • Vulnerability and shame

  • Disconnection from self, relationships, and the world around us

  • Perfectionism and endless striving

  • Grief and loss

  • Identity work and life transitions

  • Burnout

  • Overwhelm, anxiety, and stress 

  • Processing and healing trauma in the mind and body

  • Depression and “checking-out”

  • Experiences of “stuckness”

  • Negative thoughts and beliefs about self

  • Conflict in relationships and in the workplace