Red Maple's Past Projects 
A sample of some of our past work...

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Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre
Dare to Lead

COVID disrupted almost all of us...but definitely this group of  professionals. We spent some time talking about falling down, getting back up, and how mindset matters when your entire industry has been disrupted. 

Season Retirement Communities 
Post-Pandemic Leadership

From the intersection of business and mental health, we got to address Seasons leadership on the coming Renaissance within business and how a culture of wellness and psychological health will be paramount their mission to connect, care and change the experience of senior living. 



Dare to Lead™

We spent some time with 85 Administrators / Principals of our Region's Catholic school board, coaching on the topic of taking risks, falling down, and what resiliency in the classroom looks like. 



"Starting the Feedback Look"

Dedicated to crafting motivating communications and learning programs to inspire behaviour change, we were invited to deliver a podcast series called "Starting the Feedback Loop."  We spent a day with a team at Manulife to talk about the delicate art of delivering feedback...and taking it, too. 

Sun Life Financial

"Influence: Expanding Your Reach at Work"

Sunlife's Client Advisory Community of Practice's role is to to advocate for clients so that they are met with empathy and compassion, and to solve the problems they encounter such that they do not reoccur. We have a lot of respect for the work these leaders are doing.  We got to help out with an offering called "Influence: Expanding Your Reach at Work"

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McMaster University

McMaster University

"Candor Builds Trust"

With a reputation for being innovative, progressive, and highly supportive, the KW Family Medicine Education Team at McMaster University's spent the afternoon with us honing their feedback skills. Delivering praise that is specific and criticism that is kind and clear, this team serves the community of up-and-coming medical professionals, and learned with us how to do it just a little bit better. 


Association of Ontario Doulas
Dare to Lead

COVID disrupted almost all of us...but definitely this group of  professionals. We spent some time talking about falling down, getting back up, and how mindset matters when your entire industry has been disrupted. 

DisruptHR - KW

"Toxic Positivity"

"This bullshit has GOT to stop!" was the sassy opening sentence to this gig!  We got on the Catalyst stage with the bright minds of DisruptHR (KW) where we addressed the dangers of nice-at-all-costs habits within workplaces.

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HDT Coaching

HDT Automotive

"Get the Right People on the Bus"

On the one year anniversary of the merger between Huron and Dynamic Technologies, CEO Patrick Paige shared his vision of creating a strong, united global team.  We facilitated the inaugural global senior management meeting, readying them to lead "top to shop" changes they will be facing as they strengthen their global footprint as a world-class enterprise.  

Aecon Construction

"Purpose and Meaning at Work"

The motto at Aecon Construction is "People Matter." We spent some time looking at how purpose, meaning and mastery drive motivation in the world of work, and how to get it. 

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Teledyne Dalsa

"Real Queens Fix Each Other's Crowns"

We joined the staff at Waterloo technology darling, Teledyne Dalsa, on National Women's Day to talk about how women can support other women in the workplace...and why we need to do so. 

KW4 Community Ward

"Evoke and Provoke: Engaging Conflict on Teams"

The team at KW4 Health Links Community Ward does the challenging work of identifying, assessing, caring, managing, and connecting high users of the local health care system. We worked with these resilient folks talking about strengthening their team processes and getting better at conflict. 

Community Ward Team Day
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The Center for Family Medicine

Dedicated to their vision of "creating a healthier community through the provision and transformation of comprehensive patient-centred primary care" the FHT invited us in to help strengthen their internal community.  

UW - Counselling Services

"What Happy People Do Differently at Work"

University of Waterloo

We joined a team at the University of Waterloo at Hidden Acres Retreat Centre to talk about what brought them to their chosen careers in the first place. When did you decide to do this work? Why? Is is still the same today? Teams that don't grow together grow apart, and we got to be part of helping this one get re-centred, ignite their vision, and replenish their energy as a group. 


Workplace One

"Beer O'Clock" 

Who doesn't love beer and personal development? Red Maple ran a mini coaching conversation for the Work Place One Community.  Turning to Kim Scott's Radical Candor, we explored how to strike the right balance between caring personally and challenging directly at work.