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Newsletter - Q3, 2021

Reflections from Red Maple's Owner

by Raechel Pefanis

Every so often, someone does something that makes me want to send a bit of a message. Actually, let's try that opener again, unfiltered.

Every so often, someone does something that makes me want to get REAL FREAKING PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE. I'm talking about the serving up of a giant plate of SHEBLAM or a public service announcement about how DOWNRIGHT TOXIC some people’s adult children are.

I had one of these such moments lately, the particulars of which I will not get into, though trust me, I'd love nothing more than to send those hard-core facts out to 500 people. Sketched out, it involved me, someone I miscalculated, and me being told off, all while the other asshat human being was completely mistaken in her facts and running emotionally hot on only God knows what. Where she should have taken a breath, she instead took a shot, and therefore parked the "what happens next" situation on my doorstep. Which was fantastic, as always. I had three options open before me in that half-second, and they went like this:

A) Dig REAL deep and respond with the dignity and ethics that would keep me in my values (the high road, which was not highly appetizing but was the “high” road nonetheless).

B) Insult her right back, breaking her wings in an equivalent way, no guilt required cuz she freaking started it (the “same” road as her).

C) Hurl any one of the five insults I instantly had at my disposal and REDUCE her ass because, between you, me and the man in the moon, I had better verbal sparring abilities than her and the only chance she had of NOT being sufficiently reduced was something she was too obtuse to see: my mercy. Obviously, this was the low road, and my opportunity to take the basement lower. I didn’t take it. But I could have, just sayin’.

Alright. Having got my real feelings out of the way, let's be professionals about this, because I notice something: we've gotten more skeptical and less trusting of each other. Call it the pandemic, or me being born in the wrong generation, or a hundred other possibilities, but we’re all entering the post-pandemic era, and workplaces, families and people are facing a new reality: everything is different, and most of us are having trust issues after all this. I feel like all I ever talk about in coaching these days is trust, and how nobody has any of it anymore, and how we all … well, trust issues. It’s muddying everything up. Relationships are challenged. Mental health issues are exacerbated. Belonging is a luxury that few of us feel with all this remote everything all the time, and so for most, the work culture is … a bit of a dumpster fire these days.

In response to this, leaders are having to wade through waters that they have very little language for. While organizations get their core business and its’ technical skills, precious few leaders have the skillset to know how trust is built well, or how to do the delicate work of people development. How do you create a policy that helps people think better? What exactly is the training program for increasing psychological safety at work? Not many leaders know. And you know who else doesn't know? That asshat from the low road that I mentioned earlier. Sorry. I'm not over it yet.

Well, amidst all this, I feel excited about something. Over the last 5 years, I’ve been on the rooftops talking about how workplaces need to get just as good at developing people as they are at driving results for the business. As Robert Hooijberg and Michael Watkins recently wrote in an article in MITSloan, leaders must become multi-modal into the next era, able to bring a strong coaching presence. From the most senior position to the lowest, we all need a regular diet of stopping to think, reflect, and pick the best next steps in our roles (you can see that article here: https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-future-of-team-leadership-is-multimodal/). That gap of thinking and reflecting is a giant one for most of us, where we don’t have nearly enough of it in our lives. Well, we call that coaching, here at Red Maple, which is a moment of attention given from another soul, one in which to slow down and do some quieting and calculating. It -coaching- has a role in every important domain you can think of these days, from mental wellbeing to teamwork, work-from-home challenges, burnout, productivity, and most of all … trust.

Good coaching is a gamechanger, and I think the window to our vision has opened so we’re jumping through it. This fall, Red Maple is launching its’ first cohort in the Certificate in Professional Coaching to help embed coaches everywhere the world will let us do so. The world needs more well-coached, high road people. And so, even though our default in the next few months will be to tighten controls and behave solely out of the collective anxiety we've all experienced, maybe we can just, well, not do that. Maybe we can take the road that is a little higher.

Certificate in Professional Coaching

STREAM 1 - Fall 2021 (78 hours) - "The Fundamentals of Coaching: Working with Individuals"

STREAM 2 - Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 (136 hours) - "The Fundamentals of Coaching: Working with Individuals" and "Advanced Coaching: Working with Leaders, Teams & Organizational Culture"

Participants: 20 students total

Instructors: Raechel Pefanis & Melissa Pyne

Tuition: $4,500 + HST now $2,500 + HST (STREAM 1) or $7,000 + HST now $3,600 + HST (STREAM 2)

Registration & Course Syllabus: https://www.redmaplecoaching.com/services-coach-training or email info@redmaplecoaching.com

Post-Pandemic Leadership

Leadership Accelerator - 1-Day Keynote Event - tailored to each team's/organization's needs and schedules

Leadership Circles - 2-Hour Group Sessions - engagement challenges around trust, belonging, performance, wellness, empowerment, adaptability and burnout

Participants: varies

Facilitators: Raechel Pefanis, Marv Franz & Jim Hulburt

Cost: email info@redmaplecoaching.com

Additional Information: https://www.leadingpostpandemic.com