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Coaching Big Business: Trends for the Next Decade

Raechel Pefanis, BA, MDiv, MSW, RSW

IFC Certified Professional Coach (ACC)

In February 2018, Forbes released a riveting set of written pieces in a series entitled Today’s True Leadership. In it, they asked this: “What will I need to understand about running a successful enterprise that I don’t know today.” The Global Leadership Forecast 2018, which Forbes referenced, outlined the following trends. 

 Big business of the next decade will need to increase their conversations about these trend with an ear to the ground of how to respond in contextually intelligent ways. Some great coaching questions that begin the process might be: 

·      What do we know about where the trends of the next decade? How much attention have we paid it? 

·      How will we prepare well? 

·      What is our internal “attitude” metric? How humble are we? How might our current knowledge be limiting us? 

·      What will we do first?