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"Coaching is the new management." Done well, coaching is a critical part of building a happy, engaged workforce, who deliver a better ROI. While you know your industry best, Red Maple's people and culture expertise can help you create a unique and competitive workplace. Request a consultation to hear some of our ideas today. 
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Bragging Rights 

a sample of our past projects

The Impacts of Coaching...

  • Finding and keeping great people

  • A strong, successive leadership culture for the future 

  • Healthy, well coached teams that hit peak performances

  • Increased innovation, speed and workflow

  • Engaged employees led by continually improving managers

  • Re-humanized workplaces with heart and soul

Corporate Engagements

COVID disrupted almost all of us...but definitely this group of  professionals. We spent some time talking about falling down, getting back up, and how mindset matters when your entire industry has been disrupted. 

Fall, 2020

Image by Kimberly Farmer

There's brave...and then there's brave during COVID. We brought some of the work of Dare to Lead™ to the Waterloo Catholic School Board, where we looked at the four skills of daring leaders with 85 Administrators / Principals. 

Fall, 2020

Starting the Feedback Loop

Dedicated to crafting motivating communications and learning programs to inspire behaviour change, Nexus Communications invited us to collaborate with them to deliver a podcast series.  We spent a day with a team at Manulife to talk about the delicate art of delivering feedback to your peers. Spring, 2019.

“Influence is the capacity to have a genuine effect on the character, thoughts, development, or behaviour of someone or something.”

Sunlife's Client Advisory Community of Practice's role is to to advocate for clients so that they are met with empathy and compassion, and to solve the problems they encounter such that they do not reoccur.

We have a lot of respect for the work these leaders are doing.  And today we got to help out with an offering called "Influence: Expanding Your Reach at Work"

Candor builds trust.  

With a reputation for being innovative, progressive, and highly supportive, the Education Team at 



spent the afternoon with us honing their feedback skills.


Delivering praise that is specific and sincere, and criticism that is kind and clear, this team serves the community of up and coming medical professionals.

McMaster Family Medicine Residency Program

"Toxic Positivity"

"This bullshit has GOT to stop!" was the sassay opening sentence to this gig!  We got on the Catalyst stage with the bright minds of DisruptHR (KW) where we addressed the dangers of nice-at-all-costs habits within workplaces. 

How do Canadian schools become places of greater courage and bravery? It starts with the teachers themselves. We gathered together with WCDSB school teachers to do some development in this critical area...and emerged braver together!

The motto at Aecon Construction is "People Matter." We spent some time looking at how purpose, meaning and mastery drive motivation in the world of work, and how to get it. 

"People Matter."


Spinrite LP

Previous winner of Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Spinrite recognizes the importance that culture plays in helping them keep a competitive advantage.   

From Listowel to Toronto, we were thrilled to teach the skills of delivering tough feedback with Spinrite LP, North America's largest marketers of craft yarn. 

"Get the right people

on the bus"

On the one year anniversary of merger between Huron and Dynamic Technologies, CEO Patrick Paige shared his vision of creating a strong, united global team.  We were honoured to facilitate the inaugural senior management meeting with representatives from United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary and China.  After our time together, the team left feeling connected and ready to lead their plants through the "top to shop" changes they will be facing as they strengthen their global footprint as a world-class enterprise.  

Let's face it, leadership isn't an easy gig.  

Which is why we love working with companies who strive to get it right.  Thanks to the managers and directors who joined us in Waterloo (or Zoomed in from Montreal) to shared their sunny Friday afternoon.  They recognized that it is their job to care deeply for the people they serve.  And that caring personally includes not shying away from tough conversations and giving candid feedback.  

The Five Achievements High Performing Teams Must Make

The team at KW4 Health Links Community Ward does the challenging work of identifying, assessing, caring, managing, and connecting high users of the local health care system with health care providers and community agencies.


We had the pleasure of spending the morning with these resilient folks talking about strengthening their team processes.  We loved their mantra of: real people, real problems, in real time

What Happy People do Differently at Work 

Retreating to the beautiful ground of Hidden Acres, we couldn't have asked for a better day to spend re-charing with the amazing clinical staff from the University of Waterloo's Counselling Services.  Tasked with the increasing demand to serve students in mental health distress, clinicians paused to check in around their own mental wellness and resiliency at work.  From moments of gratitude to sharing vulnerably about how they rise after a fall, this group walked their talk when it came to practicing self care.  Thanks for letting us share in your team day! 

Beer O'Clock 

Who doesn't love beer and personal development? 

 Red Maple ran a mini coaching conversation for the Work Place One Community.  Turning to Kim Scott's Radical Candor, we explored how to strike the right balance between caring personally and challenging directly at work. 


Dedicated to their vision of "creating a healthier community through the provision and transformation of comprehensive patient-centred primary care" the FHT invited us in to help strengthen their internal community.  

Small group coaching

A tier of managers came together to form a small group of trusted people dedicated to improving clinic life. Collaboratively, they explored various themes of leadership development while pushing and supporting each other in their growth. 

Individual Coaching

In busy clinics its rare to find a moment to slow down and reflect.  1:1 coaching provided the space for leaders to reflect on their practice and make more intentional decisions in leading their teams.

Find Your WHY™


We joined a team at the University of Waterloo at Hidden Acres Retreat Centre to talk about what brought them to their chosen careers in the first place. When did you decide to do this work? Why? Is is still the same today? 

Teams that don't grow together grow apart, and we got to be part of helping this one get re-centred, ignite their vision, and replenish their energy as a group. Man we love our jobs!

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