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One of the things coaches see most often is the discouragement and stress that a professional can find themselves in because of missing leadership skills. Often promoted because of good industry skills, these professionals move upward quickly, only to learn that they are lacking the leadership skills required for their role. Leadership Foundations provides an experience in which to learn practical answers to questions such as: 


  • How do I turn a random set of people into a cohesive team? 

  • How do I increase my influence with other people?

  • How do I build a great culture? 


Leadership Foundations is a curriculum of 10 core competencies of good leadership. It is delivered through an online curriculum that is paired with 1:1 coaching. Beginning with a completion of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator™ to learn a bit about the professionals’ personality style, participants generally complete one module and one coaching session every two weeks. The module introduces the student to the leadership competencies in principal, while the coaching meeting is used to create practical applications. The time commitment for this product is roughly 2 hours every 2 weeks for both. 

1:1 coaching covered through benefits/insurance plans with MSW, RSW coverage

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