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Mental Vibrancy / Emotional Thriving

Peak performance

Leadership Development 

Team and Culture Building

Work Stress, Life Direction
Assertiveness / Communication 

Your Authentic Best Self

Whole, Creative & Resourceful


Mental Wounds / Illness

Historical trauma  

Difficulty functioning

Family Conflict


Toxic Relationships

Ongoing Depression, Anxiety

Emotional volatility

Substance Misuse

So much can be said about how to achieve happiness. Plenty of people endlessly read self-help books, searching for the right answers. While there is certainly value in literature, sometimes in order to have a real, dramatic break-through, it's best to meet with a therapist in-person. You're in luck if you're searching for "Individual Coaching near Kitchener-Waterloo" because Red Maple Coaching and Counselling Services sees clients on a daily basis right here in Waterloo. We would love to welcome you to see one of our highly empathetic, perfectly qualified therapists. Stop searching for Individual Coaching near Kitchener-Waterloo on Google, Bing, or another favorite search engine and simply give us a call to schedule an initial appointment today. You will be glad you did.

Looking for a way to achieve personal growth? Plenty of people search online for "Wellness coach near Kitchener-Waterloo" and find our website. We invite you to meet our team, read our testimonials, and decide for yourself whether you might be a good fit for working with one of our coaches. So many of us go through our lives on autopilot and it's so worthwhile to spend some time reflecting, answering meaningful questions posed by your therapist, and having powerful realizations that will propel you to the next phase of your life.