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Coaching For Growth & Performance

With powerful questions and tools for self awareness and performance management, our coaches help you achieve personal or professional goals and navigate transition with intentionality. Lasting growth requires change at core levels. So we help you focus on evolving your mindsets and skills while remaining attentive to your emotional, somatic and relational experiences. The most important work often isn't easy. No one can do it for you, but you don't have to do it alone.  

Check out common coaching topics below. 

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Coaching for Leadership

Coaching for Radical Candor

We see you leaders and managers. With the great resignation, decreasing engagement and increasing complexity, your job is more challenging than ever. But the quality of your presence and the clarity of your leadership is also more important than ever.

You know your industry better than us. But we can help you develop the mindsets and skills needed to help you and your team thrive by improving both wellness and performance.

Coaching for Intentional Decision Making 

We get it. Work and life are busy. But is rushing from one crisis or big decision to the next creating the best solutions? Coaching is the space you need to slow down a little. It’s an opportunity to move from reactive responses to intentional decision making. Only you can identify what matters most in term of your career or personal growth. But we know how to hold space for people lean into uncertainty and tap into their own wisdom.

Whether professionally or personally, you need some time to hear yourself think in order to chart the best course forward.  


Coaching for Resilience

Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom. - Victor Frankl

You were brave and took the risk but things didn't go as planned.  As humans beings, we are storytellers.  It is how we make meaning. In the absence of information, or times of uncertainty, our brains will fill in the missing information.  The stories we tell ourselves have significant impact on our happiness and future successes.

Studies have shown if we are able to frame a failure as an opportunity for growth, we are more likely to experience growth (Seligman, 1991). When we are given adequate time and support to hash out difficult events, we learn from them, and become closer to other through deeper connection. When we don't we will create stories that sound a lot more like anger, rigidity and trauma. 

 Developing great habits of resiliency are essential for preventing burnout, moving through stress and getting back up again.