Supports for the people behind the helping professionals

what's your plan for a thriving career as a helping professional? 

The COP hosts different types of events to help you find support (hover on the tiles below). Professionals within the field are invited to check out how we're attempting to support our community, and to reach out to us with your interest. Make sure you join the mailing list to get the latest updates on what's coming up next!

Large Group Nights


The COP's main community event, we meet for regular gatherings each month. We do an activity together (dinner or a hike) and participate in a 60 minute talk on various aspects of practice, huddle up for a table group exercise, and use facilitated discussion and interviews to talk about trends we face. We move around as we grow, so make sure you receive updates by joining the mailing list. 


**Large group nights are a free event. 

Small Group Clinical Supervision


Do I need CBT, DBT or EMDR for my client? Am I executing my interventions correctly? How can I engage a couple when I've only seen kids? Following the CRPO guidelines, Small Group Clinical Supervision is done in groups of no more than 8 (ususally smaller), overseen by a CRPO qualified Clinical Supervisor. Attendance can be counted toward the CRPO required 150 total hours (group work). Documentation provided as needed.

Therapy for Therapists 
Field of Flowers


"Therapists that see other therapists must have a higher bullshit meter than most" (Brené Brown said that little doozy!). In our work, our tool of the trade is our own self, where for most of us, the strengths that brought us to this field are also the wounds and insecurities that we must routinely address. We can help you find someone capable of helping you do so.  



Individual Clinical Supervision 
Green Plant


Individual supervision is the provision of oversight and accountability for the clinical skills of the solo practitioner,. A Clinical Supervisor can help you craft a competent, ethical practice. Whether you are a veteran or a brand new grad, consider getting a referral from us to work with someone who will help you do so. 


Individual Coaching
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Individual coaching will help you etch out your vision, signature strengths, or sabbotaging mindset, as it relates to your practice. What's your WHY? What's holding you back from showing up in new ways in your work? What goals have you previously held for yourself that accountability might help you meet? Coaching is about these kinds of conversations. Ask us how to get set up with someone with these skills! 




Practice Consultation



Is your practice thriving? Is there room for improvement financially, operationally, culturally or in your business model? Practice consultation is a process to help you review, plan and execute improvements to your practice. Topics of focus include things like vision, values and strategy work, business partnership and relationship issues, marketing and referral promotion, and the cultural health of your team / community relationships.