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A Message From The Owner

One day, in a particularly dark and confusing year of my life, I found myself at Indigo looking for answers to a hot mess of difficult problems, when I stumbled my way into an insight. It was one of those rare "gimmes" of wisdom -or is it perhaps direction?- that brings clarity, and an end to some part of our suffering. In my case, it went like this: 

"Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because only once we truly see this truth, do we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult -once we truly understand and accept it- then life is no longer difficult."

That little gem, from Dr. M. Scott Peck, ended up being one of a few "mind blown" moments in my life, causing me to forever reframe my expectations of life. It taught me to stop bloody struggling against my difficulties, and start rolling with them. Transcend them. And I'd desperately needed to learn that lesson at that particular time of my life. 

That day also led to where your story and Red Maple's began to mix, because it was then that my love affair with human psychological growth  -and a company that knew how to achieve it- first began. I decided that day that I would attain the skills I needed to support people in becoming whatever it is that they must. And then, I got to work. 

Raechel Pefanis, MDiv, MSW, RSW, PCC-ICF 


I am a 25-year therapist, certified professional coach, certified CBT / EMDR therapist,   instructor and supervisor. I run Red Maple on three key values that you will feel behind all of our work: dignity, discernment, and community. 


Over my career, I have built and sold a large CBT clinic, and I have been a one woman show. Having seen the pros and cons of both, I like to think that Red Maple is my most exciting act yet, where I am guiding our team to apply the best practices we have learned about client work, leadership, simplicity and health to all of our work, both corporate and individual. ​Red Maple is deliberately small, and it always will be. It is built on a bottom-up management style, where the person you see is highly empowered to meet your needs. You have my commitment that while we will not always say something comfortable to you or your organization, we will always work with you toward scientifically backed principles that make for happy, healthy people behind the professionals and workplaces we serve.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
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The Red Maple Approach

Our services reflect many years of learning what helps people to evolve themselves. We are Certified Professional Coaches (PCC level, ICF), Registered Social Workers / Psychotherapists, Consultants and long time teachers and facilitators. But, all that said, we think it is often our "unofficial resumés" that qualifies us most: our experiences, vision, and our tests of character. Each of the Red Maple team have personal stories that qualify them to work with you. Their passion and energy equal their impressive credentials and experience. Get in touch to learn how we might be part of your journey today. You can take a look at our team here.