Corporate Engagements


You're building an incredible culture. 
Professional coaching can help. 



"Coaching is the new management." Done well, coaching is a critical part of building a happy, engaged workforce, who deliver a better ROI. While you know your industry best, Red Maple's people and culture expertise can help you create a unique and competitive workplace. Request a consultation to hear some of our ideas today. 
**Note that we are now booking into Summer / Fall, 2021











The Impacts of Coaching...

  • Finding and keeping great people

  • A strong, successive leadership culture for the future 

  • Healthy, well coached teams that hit peak performances

  • Increased innovation, speed and workflow

  • Engaged employees led by continually improving managers

  • Re-humanized workplaces with heart and soul

  • Need more reasons? Download our Whitepaper: Psychological Wellbeing at Work: A Vision for Post-Pandemic Workplaces