Training and Development:

COVID-19 REMOTE Curricula for Spring / Summer 2020


Leadership Catalysts: Adaptation in the Age of COVID

An ONLINE Small Group Coaching Series

4 x 90-minutes

3-8 people

$1000 per group + materials + HST

We are beginning to recognize that the pandemic will permanently change us all, in some way or other. Will that change be a positive, intelligent one? In this small group coaching series, we will have an opportunity to learn about some important dimensions of leadership that can be driven by “leadership catalysts.” Leadership catalysts are small but mighty individuals (or very small groups of individuals) who compel their organizations forward in key ways at key times. In this group, we invite you to learn with us on topics that are critical to the "new normal" we will find on the other side of COVID. We'll look at the following four themes together:

  • Finding Balance

  • Becoming a trusted leader 

  • Adopting Growth mindsets for learning

  • Coaching others in volatile times




Emotional Literacy Boot Camp

An ONLINE Small Group Coaching Series

4 x 90-minutes

3-8 people

$1000 per group + materials + HST


$1000 per group + materials + HST

Workplaces are starving for leaders that are willing to be vulnerable and human, rather than armoured or emotionally distant. Many of us hold high internal value for this deep sense of human leadership...but struggle to get there ourselves. Years of being socialized to keep our exteriors well-crafted makes vulnerable, human leadership elusive. In this small group coaching experience, we will challenge ourselves to grow more comfortable with the emotional experiences that undoubtedly characterize ourselves, our work, and others, leading to the connection and authenticity required for solid, productive working relationships. We'll look at: 

  • What authenticity means...and what it doesn't

  • How to name, unlock and empathize with a wide range of emotions

  • The gifts that are unlocked in groups of people who share emotional connection




Burnout Busting for Helping Professionals

An ONLINE Small Group Coaching Series

4 x 90-minutes

3-8 people

$1000 per group + materials + HST


Health professionals of all stripes are finding themselves in never-ending caregiving roles, leading to a phenomenon of “burnout” that the World Health Organization now recognizes as an occupational hazard for this special group of people[1]. Often managing circumstances well beyond their own control and resources, these professionals pull from within themselves -their creativity, their empathy, their effort and energy- to make up the deficits within “the system.” In this small group coaching series, we’ll take some time to attend to our own internal process, and start to re-discover habits of caring for ourselves and recovering our energy. We’ll look at topics such as:


  • Moral Injury: Releasing Ourselves from Responsibility that Is Not Ours

  • Decision Making When We have No Power

  • Why Self-Care Doesn’t Work…And A Long-term Alternative That Does




Dare to Lead™ REMOTE Version

 24 hour curriculum; please contact us to discuss our various options for your project


“Leaders are people who take responsibility for people or processes.” In the age of COVID, we have never needed brave and resilient leaders more in key places. Our most popular curriculum for 2019, Dare to Lead is a deep dive into Dr. Brené Brown’s research into the four key skills of courage at work. What problems does your organization now need to solve? How will you innovate your products and services for relevance during the pandemic? What would you and your team do if you were brave? We dare you to find out! We’ll work out an offering for your workplace that uses the Dare to Lead™ lessons of:


  • Lesson 1: The Heart of Daring Leadership

  • Lesson 2: Rumbling with Vulnerability

  • Lesson 3: Working through Shame in Organizations

  • Lesson 4: Empathy and Care

  • Lesson 5: Armoured Leadership versus Daring Leadership

  • Lesson 6: Grounded Confidence and Rumbling Skills

  • Lesson 7: Living Into Our Values

  • Lesson 8: BRAVING Trust

  • Lesson 9: The Rising Strong Process

  • Lesson 10: Rumbling with our SFDs

  • Lesson 11: The Revolution and Closing



Coaching: Unscripted

An ONLINE Small Group Coaching Series

4 x 90-minutes

3-8 people

$250 per person / $1000 for a group of 5


Coaching: Unscripted is a no plan / no rules coaching forum. We show up, check in, and put our “pain points” on the table for live coaching. We find the themes within the group, and use the power of facilitation and groups to find the resources and creativity that the group members need to grow. It’s some of our favourite work! In tact teams or new groups both work!

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