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A) Participation in Group Coaching:

Coaching is a series of conversations designed to help you develop professionally and personally in targeted ways. Group coaching occurs among 5-7 participants hosted by a qualified coach. Red Maple coaches practice under the guidelines and ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Please feel free to enquire about our qualifications at any time. Learn more about the ethical guidelines of coaching by visiting the ICF website. 

Group coaching is distinct from the therapeutic space. I understand that if I am experiencing an emergency, seriously considering harming myself, or I am considering harming someone else, that I should immediately go to a mental health hospital or facility, call 911 for help, and will not rely on Zoom or phone contact for intervention. 

B) Privacy and Confidentiality:

Under the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics, Red Maple Coaching and Counselling Services is obligated to protect your privacy and information. You can review the 

I understand that group coaching with Red Maple will occur over zoom and that communication via the internet is not 100% secure.

I agree that Red Maple Coaching & Counselling Services will not be held responsible in the event that any outside party bypasses Zoom’s security and discovers personal or confidential information. 

Review the ICF Code of Ethics

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