Workplace Coaching

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Coaching is
New Management. 

The Impacts of Coaching

Done well, coaching is a critical part of building a happy, engaged workforce, who deliver a better ROI. While you know your industry best,

Red Maple's people and culture expertise can help you create

a unique and competitive workplace.

Outcomes Include:

  • Finding and keeping great people

  • A strong, successive leadership culture designed for the future 

  • Healthy, well coached teams that hit peak performances

  • Increased innovation, speed and workflow

  • Engaged employees led by continually improving managers

  • Re-humanized workplaces with heart and soul

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Corporate Coaching: 
A Sample of Our Curricula

Dare to Lead™

Dare to Lead has been so popular....that we gave it its' own page here. Take a look!


Radical Candor:™ Caring Personally and Challenging Directly at Work

In this offering, we dive into the work of Kim Scott to explore why the old rule “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” no longer applies to the workplace. Teams will receive knowledge of how to talk themselves through a difficult conversation, traps to watch out for along the way, and language that lends a little boldness where we sometimes need it. Help your team bring their whole self to work, care genuinely about the people they sit beside, and invest in one another’s professional development.

What Happy People Do Differently At Work 

Workers today spend over 50% of their waking hours at work. Using current research from the field of positive psychology, we will bust the biggest myth that “success is what leads to happiness.”  Together, we will explore empirically supported strategies for what does increase wellbeing in the workplace. Teams will be led through a curriculum that considers how to systematically increase happiness quotients at work, giving them a competitive edge along the way. But, warning! Happiness at work could start to ripple to other areas of your life.

Influence: Expanding Your Reach at Work
Some of us are born with the gift of charisma…and all the rest of us have to learn it. Great influencing skills can be learned, and this curriculum will help participants to do just that. Looking at what makes anybody influential at work, we’ll unpack some of the things we think we need to do to influence others, and see if the research agrees. Then, we’ll look at four steps to steadily influencing the opinions of others in
all types of communication. And, due warning: reflective exercises and facilitated discussion abound in this offering!

Death By Meeting™
Meetings –the epicentre of company life- are often dry, lifeless and boring…or worse. They end up that way because of critical errors that get made in their execution (did you know that running meetings is a skill??) Meetings must be organized correctly, with the right issues put on the table at the right times. Recognizing that not many have these skills, this curriculum based on the work of Patrick Lencioni will teach the philosophical and tactical skills needed for creating high stakes, skin-in-the-game meetings that are both riveting and productive.


Finding Your WHY™
To be human is to look for meaning in what we do, including our work.  Almost all work can be traced back to a purpose related to helping people meet a human need or a need of our planet.  And yet in the day-to-day activities of our jobs, it is easy to lose sight of the purpose we are looking to achieve.  If we take a step back to consider the compelling ‘why’ behind what we do, we can offer the powerful reconnection to the purposes and stories that inspired us in the first place. In this workshop inspired by Simon Sinek, we consider the purpose of purpose itself, helping teams reconnect with their roots and becoming inspired again.

Change: A White Glove Approach

Most leaders know how to work a change blueprint in their sleep; draw up plans, disseminate memos, and get to work. But...did you know that about 50% of change management plans fail? Do you know why? Change management is different than the more difficult task of helping your teams to make psychological adjustments to the new realities that the business life brings. In this curriculum, we look at how humans adjust to new things, and what we can do help them do so. You can tough knuckle it or you can white glove it...and we'll coach you and your team on getting this critical part of organizational life right.  

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