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 Professional Coach Education & Certification

Do you love helping others hit their peak performance and tap into their full potential? Whether you are looking to formalize your coaching abilities, apply a coaching approach in the workplace, or hone your coaching skills,

Red Maple has a course to suit your needs.

In affiliation with  Adler Graduate Professional School,

Red Maple is offering the following courses:

Part 1: Foundations Of Professional Coaching  

Part 2: Transformational Coaching: Applications to Client Contexts

Part 3: Deep Coaching: The Coach's Signature Presence

Part 4: Practicum

Part 5: Mentor Coaching

Check out more about the opportunity for individuals, groups and organizations here. 

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Sponsored Training

This training may be eligible for approval as professional development. If you believe your employer may cover some or all of the costs,

consider using the letter below.