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About the owner - Raechel Pefanis

I am average at most things, but I have one thing that I do better than anything else: I build great teams. Usually, I do that by hiring people far smarter than me, people that give great results because of their natural talents and sharp minds. I have a knack for getting such types to engage their hearts, gel together, and chart a course that takes us somewhere brilliant.  


After many years managing people and growing companies, I’ve become more certain than ever that great workplace culture is the lifeblood of any endeavour that I will put my name to. I am the proud owner of a scrappy, bloodied seal of integrity that reflects this value, and so joining us means you will become part of something small but mighty, gritty but clear. Red Maple is an intentionally “bottom up” company, meaning that I am more a rudder than a captain. People regularly ask me what kind of clientele I am aiming for, or how big I want Red Maple to get. The answer to these questions is simple, “the team will decide.” I do my best to develop the right people…and then follow their wanderlust together. 

Red Maple Professional Coaching is looking for a diverse team to engage our clients with top tier coaching services. Potential ex-industry coaches from backgrounds such as business, management, technology, public service or psychotherapy are welcome to apply. We keep things simple, translating your strong experience to the coaching world. Our hiring process is deliberately slow, thorough, and relational, taking up to six months to complete. But don't worry; we put our money where our mouth is, and offer the same level of attentive coaching to our own team as what we expect them to give our clients. If we sound right for you...get in touch! Perhaps we'll build something great together.