Let's Get to Know Each Other


We're looking for a perfect fit.

Deliberately small, we are looking for a few high-capacity, low drama team members to join Red Maple in both clinical and professional coaching roles. You'll join a team that loves what we do as much as who we do it with. Thought leaders in our field, we take on tough challenges that put the RSW skillset into unconventional use.


With at least 10 years of experience and a strong but flexible CBT background, the right person for us is a quick study with a "gitter done" style. You love to laugh, and more than anything, you love to bring people together with your energy and outward facing approach. You'll work in a mostly WFT context (we'll figure it out together), and join a community of learners with equal parts sass and sincerity. 

Director of Clinical Services: Adrienne Hafemann, adrienne@redmaplecoaching.com

Director of Corporate Services: Susanna Muntz, susanna@redmaplecoaching.com